Yesterday I bought some drugs.

I can imagine that this statement can arouse a whole host of differing reactions from different readers, so let me elaborate. No they are not cough/cold type drugs, no I’m not breaking the law. They are the herbal highs that supposedly mimic the effects of popular illegal drugs. I find it strange and interesting how these kind of drugs are still a bit of a social taboo in most circles. Stand-up citizens would have nothing to do with such distasteful alterations of mental state. But then they wouldn’t think twice about getting a bit tipsy at a dinner party, or kick-starting the day with a strong cup of coffee. These drugs are ‘normal’ socially acceptable methods of altering ones brain chemistry.

-rant off.

To be honest I am sceptical as to the potency or actual effect that these drugs will have, but that simply raises the curiosity stakes in my book. After all they are completely legal for people over the age of 18 so why not give it a go and find out?

I am not however, in any way, assuming that legal means safe. I will be taking these pills with caution, and I hope to share the effects (or lack thereof) here. To me this seems like a fairly sensible course of action as there seems to be little to no first person recounts of these drugs, and the reviews that are available are only on the sellers websites and unsurprisingly give no mention to possible negative experience. I already know from reading a new scientist article on the subject that some of these drugs can cause hangovers and in some cases the actual trip can be unpleasant.

I plan to start this weekend, with the weakest of the selection I’ve purchased. It has a recommended dose of 3-4 pills, I’ll start with one.
Stay tuned to find out the names of these drugs, where I bought them and any other background information I can find as to the possible effects.

And of course my recount of the experience itself.