Lets find out as I recount the dream I had last night.
Firstly it started with me going on a trip in a car with Greig and Kat. Nothing unusual there, in fact I’m going to see them (and Andy and possibly Mike) today, and for the rest of the weekend.
We arrive at some kind of outdoor national trust-esq car park, you know with grass and gravel with wooden divider fences rather than tarmac and metal safety barriers. Once there we make our way to the airport, things get a bit hazy but basically I end up looking after the baby while Greig goes and looks for Kat, seems she went off somewhere – this detail is also hazy.

What’s that?
Oh yes the baby, for some reason Greig and Kat have an 8 month old baby boy named Joe. Unless they are masters at keeping a secret this is a figment of my imagination.
So there I am with baby Joe. I decide not to use the stupid ‘baby-talk’ that people so often lapse into and talk to Joe in a normal manner.
We have a pleasant conversation. He is on my back in one of those baby carrying backpacks and is wearing some kind of bunny costume. I too am wearing a rabbit outfit (a-la Donnie Darko). Looking in a mirror, I joke with Joe about the family resemblance between us. In fact he seems to have my face but with Kats jaw line. This doesn’t seem to raise alarm bells in the slightest.
At this point Kat comes up the stairs from some kind of ‘underground’ section. It’s at this point that I realise the remarkable similarity between this ‘airport’ and Kings Cross station. On seeing me and baby Joe Kat starts screaming.
At what I don’t know, it was pretty scary though. Greig has reappeared and seems to be quite drunk (at the time I assumed he was still sobering up from the night before), Kat and he start having a massive argument about leaving baby Joe with me. Surprisingly this lack of faith in my trustworthiness doesn’t phase me at all.
My memory is a bit hazy here too but we end up going back to the car, only I decide to take a different route, still with baby Joe on my back.
At this point the dream takes a slight turn for the surreal. Trying to get over a fence I break it, so I use some broken bits of wood as walking poles. Then we (myself and baby Joe) come across what can only be described as a mechanised soldier, think dreadnoughts from warhammer 40,000 or a more armoured version of the walky-lifty thing in Aliens.
We have to be careful in negotiating a way around this (and others), if we get too close it’ll attack us. This seems very much related to World of Warcraft.

Then I woke up.

Did it make sense?
Well some of it, I am going to Cambridge, Kings Cross would be the station used if I were going by train. Greig and Kat have moved in together, which made me wonder if jokes about Marriage and Kids would be appropriate when I arrived. The armoured killing machine is probably related to my excitement about the new game Supreme Commander, which is a much upgraded version of Total Annihilation.