So, lack of posts recently. I’ve been wondering why I’ve got this website.

It all started out with ‘wow the domain is free, how cool’ closely followed by ‘can I do it?’

After proving that I could do it, to an extent, blogging occured for the joy of it. Then it became a way of keeping in contact with my friends (still an important raison d’etre for the site).

Then came the photos, and now the quandry. I like putting my photos on the interweb, and I’d like it if I knew that people enjoyed them. The main problem is that in it’s current state, the photos on this website are too hard to find for the average surfer (opinions are made with 1 second of visiting a site, or something like that). So that naturally leads to the need to design the site.

This is where the problem lies. Not having any natural skill with visual design, and the fact that it would take me a lot of learning to implement any design that I may or may not have, has led quite naturally to procrastination.
Unfortunately this procrastination has extended beyond design and into any kind of web activity. Much to the disapointment of my regular readers (I’m sure).

Plus my curiosity has wandered off into some funky direct 3D code visualisation tool that will take me a long, long time to write.