I think weekends should be three days long… it would suit me better.
At work (as I am now) I don’t have to type in my password to write posts. I think it has something to do with ‘cookies’ – chocolate chip I’m hoping. Unfortunately for my loyal readers *waves hello* no-one has used this fact to post interesting or humerous posts under my name. Which would in part explain the two week absence of Anything New ™.

Googling your own name can be fun, unless you come across a story about you being killed by a killer. Damn goths. Although there are plenty of other Robs in the world, any my webpage – this, here, now – does not seem to come up when I search for my name…. disappointing.

I had a very good weekend, was the end of an era, with two housemates moving onto other things. We had a final London night out to end with a bang, and it went very very well, best night out I’ve had in London for quite some time. Which is good!

I want to post more often, really I do. Hopefully I will.