Both with who you trust and with people that trust you.

I went to the dentist last week, he said I needed all my wisdom teeth out and it would cost over £800. I said it would take me some time to get my hands on the money (wondering exactly how to ask dad if I could borrow it 😉 ). This meant that I didn’t book or sign up for anything. I’m damn glad I did too, because it gave me time to think. I’d been too trusting, I don’t need my wisdom teeth out!

Sure things are a bit cramped in my mouth, but it’s not causing my any problems! The only reason I went to the dentist was because it’d been over five years and I was worried about some repeatedly sore gums (I have no idea what gum disease it like). This dentist hadn’t even picked up on anything gum related, and I’m not sure he even checked.
I’m going to get me a new dentist, hopefully they’ll gain my trust. It’ll be hard for them ‘cos I’ll be on edge, not willing to trust too easily again.

Giving yourself time to think about these kind of important things is an essential skill that is very hard to remember in the heat of the moment. It’s something I definately need to work at.