So today marks the day; I’ve been t-total for two months. The remarkable ease with which I’ve given up alcohol confirms that I’m no kind of alcoholic, while something I’ve always suspected it’s nice to get it verified. In fact throughout the entire period the hardest times where not when going out with friends who were drinking or any other social drinking occasions, as you may expect.
The only time I really found myself thinking ‘Ooo I could really enjoy a drink right now’ was while I was relaxing in the house. I’d just rented a DVD and wanted to sit down and enjoy it, there were beers in the fridge that Mike had openly offered to me. One chilled beer while watching a film, the only temptation I suffered.
So I’m going to continue not drinking. I will have a beer every now and then, but it won’t be a weekly drinkfest like it used to be. Seven years of hard drinking is enough for one liver in my opinion.
It’s not going to be a difficult decision either, on the one side we have improved health, large savings of money, no more hangovers, improved self esteem. On the other side we have peer pressure.
That’s the only argument I can think of to continue getting plastered/battered/wasted/(insert socially acceptable description of over-drinking here) once a week.

I’ve learned a lot by not drinking. Firstly other people drink a lot less that I thought they did, I’ve noticed this through observation and through reading things like this. For those that can’t be bothered; social perceptions of university drinking habits are actually wildly exaggerated, but people try to live up to these exaggerated beliefs. Informing people of the actual social norms (65% of students have four drinks or less on a night out) reduces the alcohol abuse in colleges by over 10%.
Another disturbing read if you’ve left university (or never went in the first place) is this brief news report by sky news.
So, I’ve got a much healthier outlook on drinking, do you need one?