… All night long (to the tune of ‘The wheels on the bus”).
I was rudely awoken in the small hours of this morning by a car directly outside my window beeping in alarm. Irritatingly there was no-one breaking into said car, so there was no point in the noise. I wanted to do something about it but in my sleep addled state the only thing I could think of was to drop a piano on the car. The logistical problem of getting hold of a piano at three in the morning and arranging for it to be dropped from a significant height proved to be too much of a challenge.
Turns out all I needed to do was to call Emergency Piano Droppers Inc. (EPD) they handle short notice piano drops in record time. EPD is also a member of an umbrella group Allsorted Furniture and Vehicle Lifting and Dropping. With a call to EPD and with the support of their partners I could have, ironically, dropped the car on a piano. Still, I’ve got their number now should it be needed in the future.