Once again my faith in customer service has been re-affirmed. This time by a car hire company. To be more specific Alamo National car rental in Bracknell. They have been requested by my insurace bods to supply me with a replacement car until my car is fixed (of course the cost will be covered by the third party insurer), more news on that in a minute.
Recently (as in yesterday) they replaced the ford Mondeo originally provided with a brand new vectra. Not entirely sure why, but shelves came into the explination. The moment you start imagining shelves big enough for cars the rest of the conversation is lost.
Anyway, the vectra provided had a problem, the heating blowers could only take one of two positions: Off, or full bast. Being slightly British I was unsure about whether to complain about it, seeing as it’s not really a huge fault. After some contemplating I decided that it did annoy me and it never hurts to ask.

So, I call and explain. Increadably friendly lady on the other end immediately agrees that this is a bad thing esspecially given the weather (what!). So the car is being replaced tomorrow, it would have been replaced today if it weren’t for the fact that it wasn’t my turn to drive in today so it’s at home, and the keys are in my pocket.

So National Alamo get the Rob thumbs up seal of approval. (C)