So, after a slightly disturbed sleep, I woke and drove into work in the normal manner.
However this was not to be a completely normal journey.
I was coming up to a roundabout behind a white transit van. “If only these things were see through…” I thought “.. then I could tell when it’s going to stop” SHIIIIIII…….. I slamed on the breaks as the van stopped unexpectedly. ABS hammered the front breaks and I stopped uncomfortably close to the vans rear bumper.
“Phew, that was pretty clo….” SCREEEEEEEEEEEE BANG!
The car behind me hit. I went into the Van.
My shoulders slump “bugger”.
I quickly pulled over and put on my hazard warning lights. The two people in the van in front got out. A quick inspection revealed that no damage had been done to the van or the front of my car. Thankfully my foot still on the break had helped I think!
Turning around I found that the car directly behind had actually stopped safely. It was the car behind him that had catapulted him into me. So the situation is this van that left undamaged, me, mercades behind me and corsa behind him.
The corsa looked to be a wright off, steam coming from what I assumed was a broken radiator, oil dripping. The driver thankfully seemed fine, as did all involved.
Everyone was fairly calm and we all exchanged details in a cordial manner. A few shakes here and there but that was probably the crash after a major adreanalin hit.
I was able to continue to work, albeit with a slight scraping noise from the bumper on the back tire. I pulled over and tugged it a bit and that reduced it to only scrape on breaking.
With a lot of time on the phone I’d explained the situation to my insurance company and several other companies that seemed related. By 11 I’d taken the car to a bodyshop to get a quote (how organised am I!). It was there that I found the damage was more serious that first met the eye.
It wasn’t just the bumper that was dented, the floor of the boot had been pushed up and the sides at the rear had been pulled in slightly.
The guy there did a few classic huffs and “It’ll cost ya” type gestures, and then recommended that I not drive it if possible.
I drove it home after work. Fortunately today it was Jasons turn to drive (In our car sharing scheme. He had yesterday off). And he kindly agreed to drive tomorrow too.
All the companies that I called in the morning have been very good, one has been asking if I’m injured incase of the need to sue. The other has organised a hire car to be dropped off at work tomorrow morning and has found a garage that will call me tomorrow and organise the pickup of my car for repair.

So it seems that a potentially bad situation has turned out fairly well and is being sorted quickly.
Life is still good đŸ™‚