Well if you’re bored and can get enthused by random ‘memes’ here’s one: Go to google (or you favorite search engine of choice) and type in “[your name] needs”.
Hilarity ensues… supposedly:

  • Why Rob needs your support and donations
  • Rob needs Net Clued Lawyer, urgently
  • Rob needs help badly! – Don’t we all?
  • Rob needs to ask “What permits are required for this site to operate?”
  • Rob needs a refresher as to the meaning of perjury
  • Rob needs to get his ass in ear – One of the more amusing typo’s I’ve seen
  • Rob needs to accept that there are occasions when it’s all right for Theresa to take her time getting out the door
  • Rob needs to move his legs and he prefers to do such with a lady dance partner in his arms.
  • Rob needs to quit his crying.
  • Rob needs a kidney – Hope not!
  • Rob needs an awesome fashion radar
  • And so on.