That should cheer you up, I would guess that most posts on blogs with a heading like ‘customer service’ are complaining, but the word ‘wow’ should clear that up.

Let me explain what happened to me this morning. In my bag I have some council forms and whatnot that have to be sorted out and sent off. Among them was the form for renewing my parking permit, something that I had forgotten about. It is now three days past the deadline outlined on the letter.

I assumed I’d have to fill in forms again send of proof of ownership, proof of address. ARG! What a mistaka-to-maka.
I phone the council to explain my problem.

‘No problem’ says the cheery woman on the other end of the phone, ‘I’ll just mark on the file that you’ll be sending the form in a bit late’.
I’m almost to shocked to say thanks. The phone rang once before it was picked up, the entire conversation lasted 45 seconds. My blunder has been cleared up in less than a minute and I’m left feeling slightly less sore about the cost of council tax.

Well done to Guildford county council.