Well last night I watched the ‘pilot’ of the hit US TV drama Lost. Although to be honest I don’t think it was a pilot in the normal sense of the word. By this I mean, they didn’t create a realistic airplane wreck with explosions and collapses, and they didn’t go out to a big ol’ jungle type island and film lots of exiting things on the offchance that it’d be taken up by a TV company.
No I think of it as more of a feature length introduction.

That’s not the point, the point is WOW I can see my self getting quickly addicted to this series!
Several times while watching I was think ‘Oh no don’t go cheese on me this is getting good’. Everytime they did NOT go cheese, instead leaving vital factors to the imagination.

What’s that? You need an example?
O.K. right at the end of the first episode you see a vauge reflection in a pool of a dead guy in a tree. The characters see it too and all look up. ‘How does something like that happen?’ Asks one of the characters (or words to that effect I can’t remember exactly).
Do they pan up to cheesy effects?

No they cut, end of episode.
What happens? Indeed what did happen? Immediately you want to know more. Genius!
Almost as genius as me making the point but without giving away any of the plot 🙂