It must have been about a month since this happened, but better late than never.

I was making my sandwiches for work in the evening in the normal manner, (bread, butter, filling, you know the drill) when my housemates came back from one of their performances. One of them asked me what I was doing (duh). Then proceded to exclaim ‘You don’t need four slices of bread’ or something along those lines.

Now bear in mind that I’ve been making sandwiches for work for a hell of a long time now. I was pretty incensed, how dare she tell me how much I should eat etc etc rant and so on.

A few days later however I was curious, “it is hot hot summer after all, perhaps I don’t need ‘four‘ slices of bread” I thought.
So in a daring experiment I tried just two slices of bread. Expecting to come home hungry and vindicated.

Strange thing is, it made no difference at all.
I mean at all
No more hungry, no more tired, no loss of weight (a good thing in my case). Nothing.

Mysterious… really makes me want to know where the hell those other two slices of bread were going.