… well, nothing really.
I had hoped to celebrate my expected return to blogging with an insightful, interesting and stimulating post on why 666 is considered ‘the number of the beast’.

Well after a bit of searching around it seems that this well know ‘fact’ is actually the most tenuous half-reference you could imagine. Infact I hereby demote the fact to ‘mumbo jumbo’.

There are I think three references to the number 666 in the bible (if several different websites are to be believed). Two describe the devils size (60 cubics high and 600 pounds or some such), and the otherone has something to do with someones sons.
People that care are even beginning to think that the devils number is in fact 616.

There are some numerology websites that suggest 777 is gods number (seven is good for some reason) and therefore 666 is the number of a imperfect man (being one short on all accounts).
‘If thats the case then sign me up’ I say, seeing as the expectation of being anything other than imperfect is not something I could bear.

So, not insightful, probably not interesting and highly unlikely to be stimulating.

At least the only way is up!!!