We started off this day by deciding to go to one of the spars. I’d gotten a bit nervous about the whole deal (even though it was my idea) because the guide books seemed to suggest that you couldn’t wear your own trunks, and had to wear a loin cloth type dealie. Fortunately it turned out that you could wear your own thing, and in fact most people did. So we spent about two hours or so relaxing in the hot spar water, alternating between the hot and less-hot pools (38 & 36 degrees C). Tried out the steam room but I found it so hard to breath in there that I quickly left.
Then we rounded off the session with a medical massage. This was very intense and in some cases slightly painful. It was however quite enjoyable apart from the need to go completely naked.
After that we had some lunch at an Italian place (nice pizza) and went shopping. I was trying to find some sandals but decided not to bother, the prices were no cheaper than England and nothing really took my fancy. We then went back to the hotel for a shower to prepare for the evening out

We decided to be a bit more organised about going out and so planned to hit at least a few bars that were recommended in Matt’s time out guide (well worth getting). We ended up in a very cool student type bar where we had dinner. They had a kitten running around the place that Andy and the guys immediately started to play with. We stayed for quite a while drinking and chilling out.
On leaving there the idea came up that it would be a good idea to go to a strip club. Only one of the four of us had been to one so it seemed like a good experience to get in.
Unfortunately this turned out to be our downfall. Having no experience of the situation and being in a foreign country we got conned. Bigtime. The bill which was to pay for a round of drinks for us and a few rounds of drinks for the strippers (which incidentally didn’t really do anything more than drink and talk) came to 268,000 Forints. With a rough exchange rate of 350 that works out to about £180 each.
The most expensive beer I’ve ever had!! All I can say is at least I got to drink a bit of the wine that the girls were drinking too!!
‘Conveniently’ there was a cash point round the corner so I was escorted by one of the bouncers to pay for the bill. I couldn’t actually withdraw enough money in one go so Greig had to cover the rest.
When we got back to the hotel it was discovered that this is a fairly common scam, with a ludicrously priced drinks list ‘on display’ in a locked filing cabinet (or something) so if the police are called the club can play the innocent party.

Thinking back on it I’m not really sure what triggered the arrival of the bill at that point, but I’m damn glad it did arrive!!! The night could have quite easily gotten a lot more expensive.
Good experience though, a lesson well learned so to speak.