Seeing as breakfast went on until a lesurely 10am, we didn’t get up until about 9:30. A mistake we quickly decided to never repeat as the selection left was pretty poor.
On this day we decided to visit the castle district of Budapest, a section of the old town that holds a lot of historic and interesting buildings. We wisely decided not to take public transport all the way, not because it’s bad, but because we’d get to see more of the city if we went most of the way on foot. This was a good idea as we saw a few more interesting sights on the way to the castle district. I won’t bore you with a list of all the buildings that we saw, although the Royal Palace was particularly grand. We had an expensive touristy lunch and continued our sight seeing.
In the evening we managed to get a bit off the tourist track and found a very cheap italian restraunt that was amasingly tasty. By this I mean £20 payed for all four of us to have our meals, drinks and tips. The food was so tasty it was ranking in the top five meals of my entire life!
Had a few beers and made our way back to the hotel.