This is a lesson I’ve learnt, unfortunately too late, when getting foreign currency. We were advised to get our Hungarian Forints from the post office because they don’t charge commission. It seems however that instead of commission they give you really crap exchange rates. For example, we got a rate of roughly 330 Forints to the pound.
I looked up the exchange rate this morning and it’s hovering around the 370 mark. I got £175 worth of Forints (for myself and Andy) and with the difference in rates, from ideal to what we got (if that makes sense) I paid an equivalent commission of about £15.
Admitedly I don’t know what kind of commission other places charge but I’m sure that there are places that charge less than that.

Oh well nevermind.
Live and learn and all that. Hopefully £75 will be enough for the week, otherwise I’ll have to start using cards and cash machines and the like. Although that didn’t actually cause any problems in France, I don’t know if it’s a good idea in eastern europe.