Had quite a close call yesterday, left the house (can’t remember why) but left my computer on. When I came back the computer had a completely blank screen. Not a big deal you may think, screensavers have been around for ages. Thing is my computer was not responding in the slightest. Turned it off and on again.
Bios basically said (in not such clear english) ‘You have no drives in this computer, no hard drive, no CD drive, nothing. Go away.’ Reboot, same thing. Bios fiddling, same thing.
This is a disaster, last time I backed up all my pictures (the only things of real importance on there) was about six or seven months ago.
There’s nothing I could do at home, just hope that its the IDE controller thats gone and the actual drives are fine. This would mean that the entire laptop was completely useless but at least I’d be able to retrieve my data.
So, I take it into work to try and find the problem. Turn it on…
‘Booting windows, no problems here.’

The relieve is indescribable. Back up of pictures will commence as soon as I have a free minute.