Well I went to the breakin’ convention yesterday. It’s on for three days you see, but we couldn’t really go for more than one.
Which is a good thing seeing as I spent about £30 on that one day and I’m feeling quite skint as it is (The university breakdance society paid for the entrance and the workshop too!).
So, I had a really good time. We started the day with a workshop. I chose to do a poppin’ workshop as opposed to the other option which was ‘rubic cube’ or general breakin’.
I’m glad I chose to do this as I’ve never done any poppin’ work and I’ve been to two general breakin’ workshops and I’m at the stage where I really need to practice practice practice before I even think about moving on.
The workshop was good fun and I’ve got a lot of stuff to try and practice (on top of what I’ve already got) which is good. After a break for some dodgy chicken burger lunch and a bit of a wander round Angel (the part of London that the convetion was in) the main show started.
This was several hours of dancing on a stage in the Sadler’s Wells theater. Some of it was a bit weird, but there was deffiantely a lot of very entertaining and inspiring dancing going on – not just breakin’ but all quite a few different styles.
Got back at about one o’clock in the morning which made it a very long day seeing as I left at ten in the morning.
Still I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go along next year with the society again. Many of the people I went with this time were talking about going for all three days… Personally I don’t know if I’d be up for that much but still… we’ll see 🙂