I went swimming yesterday for the first time in about eight years. I was a bit worried. Would it be like riding a bike? There was a possibility that I’d just sink because why isn’t the phrase ‘Just like swimming’?

Cutting through the water with ease, one of the lifeguards calls me over and asks if I’ve had lessons, I reply that I haven’t and in fact this is my first time swimming in many years. His exclamation of surprise is almost as gratifying as his insistance that I’m a natural and should train with the goal of getting on the local swim team.

… I imagined as I walked to the leisure complex.
Unfortunately the reality was huffing and puffing, stuggling along, occational fear of drowning and realizing that I was one of the slowest swimmers in the ‘slow lane’.
Good exercise though, I’m going to try and make it a weekly thing. Hopefully after a while I’ll even be able to do an entire length of front crawl!

It’ll all be a lot easier once I get some goggles, I reason to myself, then I’ll be able to go into ‘speedy position’. Head down, body straight, it’ll make the whole thing easier because holding my head up so high was obviously the main reason I was finding things so hard….