Well I’m feeling much better today, thank you for asking. I spent the whole of yesterday either in bed or on the couch in a sleeping bag watching films. A simple remedy but one that worked a treat as by the evening I was feeling much better and able to do normal type things (like go on a pub crawl).
I’m wondering though, is it normal to be ravenously hungry when your ill?
Anecdotal evidence would suggest that appetite goes down and people are reduced to weak broths and other warm drinks. Not so with me, I was eating like I’d been starved for a week!
Probably has something to do with my tendancy to get very ill but for a very short space of time. My immune system seems to have two states, ticking over handling the normal day-to-day stuff. Or full on emergency, temperature maximum overdrive, completely incapacitate Rob mode.

Good for getting well quickly, very bad for hayfever.