Well shortly after being confronted with the life dilemma posed by a job prospect in Oxford, a guy from CBS Butler recuitment called. A guy called Russell, he had a very exciting sounding job prospect in reading.
Fantastic, I wouldn’t have to move, its all to do with mobile communications and embedded systems and the like.
In short, it sounds perfect.
All I’d have to do is bone up a bit on TETRA and GSM and other mobile protocols (which I’ve already started to do) and hopefully impress the boss-man when/if I meet him.

Cake, one, piece of.
Coincidently Russell had actually bothered to check out this website!!! I put it on my CV, but I was still mildly supprised that someone would visit it to find out what it’s all about.
Seems like he wasn’t put off by my spelling problems. They’re getting better at least anyway 🙂