Never a truer work spoken (or written) in my opinion. Personally I love giving, because when I get it right, the look of gratitude and appreciation gives me a nice warm feeling.
Of course you could argue that this is a selfish reason to give people gifts, and I wouldn’t disagree with that argument. However the main thing is that the person on the receiving end doesn’t see it like that. ‘Wow what a fantastic present, it’s exactly what I wanted, you selfish bastard’ is not something you’ll hear very often, if ever.

The reason I’m sharing this is because yesterday it was Lucys birthday (my housemate) and I managed to get her a good gift that she wanted. Strangely in most cases I actually prefer giving to receiving, simply because I’m not very good at showing how much I appreciate things that people get for me. Or at least not at the time of giving.

Not that I’m saying stop getting me gifts or anything, I do really appreciate them!

…may have dropped myself in it there…