As some of you may know I had a volvo, before my current car, and before I got banned from driving. For a long time this 20 year old car has been sitting on my parents driveway, basically just causing an obstruction. For a while I had the intention of putting it on e-bay; the idea of advertising ‘One volvo, doesn’t start’ really appealed to me.
Although it didn’t appeal to me quite enough to actually do anything about it.

Fortunately for me (and perhaps more so for my parents) the local council recently ran a scrap car amnesty. So now, after just over a year, the trusty volvo that served me so well has left. Gone. Finished. Scrapped.

A bit sad perhaps to see my first car go the way of the crusher (I assume at least) but then given my procrastination of selling it, pretty predictable.

So long trusty volvo, you will not be forgotten.

btw it didn’t have a name, I don’t do that kind of thing to cars.