At the moment I’m not blogging quite as much as I’d like (I’ve got a backlog of stuff to write about). So I thought I’d explain in a lame excuse kind of way by listing my typical activities during a week day, based largely on yesterday:

  • 7:00AM: Alarm goes off, I get dressed, brush teeth and wash face, pack lunch in time to leave at 7:15AM
  • 7:32AM: Get picked up from Guildford station by Dave, for a lift into work
  • 8:20AM: Arrive at work, try and write a blog before 8:30AM (when work starts)
  • 10:30AM: Tea break, generally surf random stuff, possible time for blogging
  • 10:45AM: Back to work
  • 1:00PM: Lunch break, quick sandwich, and a cuppa-soup, then play 4-5 player multiplayer Farcry, yesterday in the last game of lunch break I actually uttered the phrase ‘And that’s kicking your ass!!’. As I was in top place at the end of an 8 minute match with 17 kills, second place had 9… mucho pleased.
  • 1:45PM: Back to work
  • 3:30PM: Tea break, usually surf more stuff, another chance for blogging. (Note I rarely make use of all these chances.)
  • 3:45PM: Back to work
  • 5:00PM: Work ends, play bridge builder while waiting for my lift home.
  • 5:35PM: Lift home
  • 6:20PM: Arrive home, change and go to the gym
  • 8:00PM: Get back from the gym, have a shower, prepare and cook a meal
  • 9:00PM: Food ready, now eat
  • 9:15PM – bed: Either socialise with housemate and watch TV or practice guitar

Then repeat.
Although on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Breakdancing and Capoeira respectively.

And this weekend I’m going down to Plymouth to see parents, friends, and have a guitar lesson.