… or at least thats what I’m hoping to call it anyway.
It seems I may have gotten rather too drunk on new years eve and lost my phone. Fortunately it turns out that I lost it in my room and found it today. So there’s a good case for being too bone idle to cancel phones the moment you find its missing.
So thats good.

Have also been taking a fair few pictures with my new Nikon D70, a camera that I think will bring me lots of photo enthusiasm. I have however noticed that I have to be a lot more careful about getting the horizon level, it seems to be a big problem so far… I blame the tiny view finder, compared to the ‘proper old skool’ Nikkormat that I was using before.

I’m aware that I’ve not blogged anything over christmas, this is partly because I was too busy having a good time and partly because I’m beginning to question the whole point of me keeping a blog at all.

I’ll keep you posted on that one.