When was the last time you played cops and robbers?
For me the last time I remember playing it was in primary school, I must have been 7 or 8 years old. Now I think there should be an adult revival of these simple and childish type games, lots of good clean fun and also good excercise!
In fact it would be great to start a childsplay club, where ‘tag’, ‘it’, cops and robbers, hide and seek and other such games are played by a group of like minded adults… it would be great fun. Honest!

Just look at the tremendous fun had as a result of pillow fight club. And the strange appeal of the whole mobile clubbing experience!

If I could get into London in time for this fun I can’t deny that I would be extremely tempted. Although I would have to get a new pillow as mine probably a bit too firm for this kind of fun.

Come to think of it I should get a new pillow anyway.