I’ve just finished reading the rather interesting, if quite long, article called The way we eat now. It’s all about the increasingly alarming ‘fat’ epidemic hitting the USA. It’s from the harvard magazine so it’s from the American perspective. If you’ve got a free half-hour I’d recomend it as an informative read, if you don’t have half an hour free, well make time damnit, its not like reading this is mega important!

Anyway, one of my thoughts from reading this is that the general British and European opinion which goes along the general lines of ‘Yeah fat Americans, they deserve what they get’. This opinion is worryingly short sighted, simply for the reason that the figures seem to point out that we are rapidly following the same road to potential disaster.
I am in a fortunate position in that I don’t have any kind of health problem, and neither do any of my friends (and coincidentaly the majority of my readers…:P ) but it’s still something that I find concerning for the general population.

Live healthy people, it may not be cool in some cases, but then again neither is being really, really fat.

p.s. No spam today, I’m trying not to get my hopes up too early.