Well as you have probably noticed, I haven’t blogged for fecking ages. I’d like to think this is for a damn good reason, and in a way it is:
I’ve been damn busy with stuff, and when I get home hanging out with housemates keeps me away from the computer (not a bad thing in my book!).
So lets update as to what I’ve been upto; I went to Cambridge last weekend and met with Andy and Greig, which was a very enjoyable weekend, also got to see Vorn again (which is always good) and somehow offended my back. You may be wondering what I mean by offended… we it’s kind of a very very minor injury, to the upper back. I think it happened when I slept on Greigs hardwood floor when a bit drunk. Its a strange sensation, its a bit like having a stitch but between my shoulders, but not all the time, only if I twist or have to breath very deeply. So anyway, hopefully that’ll fix itself in time. I also managed to insult my lower back at breakdancing on tuesday so I am being fairly careful about sitting and lying and the like.
I can’t have another guitar lesson until the new year now, which is a bit dissapointing but at least I have a good book to try and work through now!
Hosemates are getting stressed with end of term shows and stuff, and I’m in an end of term show too which is a bit scary, doing some breakdancing. Hopefully I’ll do a better job than my last dancing show effort (bit of an in-joke for you there).
But life is pretty good, I’m certainly not complaining at being busy!
I’m hoping to apply for a new job by the end of this weekend, and I’m off to meet Matt in London tonight… those two objectives are slightly opposed but hopefully I’ll manage it!
Well I’d better sign off, got many things to do!!