My nose drips, my throat is sore, I sneeze for an occupation and my eyes are ichy. I think I’m dying!
This was my reaction (being a standard guy) last week when I caught ‘a bit of a cold’. In my defence it wasn’t just a bit of a cold, it was a full blown cold, with slightly above average temperature and everything!
As is so often the case, the major sympoms of this hit at the weekend. I had an inkling to my possible predicament on thursday, and being fairly organised for once, I put some Lemsip in with my pack-lunch for work on friday. This was a lifesaver.
However I was slightly put off by the claims on the box for Lemsip, they went something along these lines:

Headaches [tick]
Aches and Pains [tick]
Runny nose [tick]

Now seeing the funny side of most things I noted that this could easily be mis-read to be claiming to give you these symptoms.
Perhaps I shouldn’t have looked at these in this light, because, sure enough after leaving work and getting to the train for my trip down to my parents I had; a headache (fairly normal with a cold), a runny nose (a staple of a cold), and an aching lower back. Now this was the worry bubble for me, you see I’ve never, in all my 24 years of life on this planet, experienced aches and pains as being a symptom of a cold. And to top it all off I had a sore throat too!
This was something that led me to believe that perhaps the criminal masterminds at lemsip had made their ‘Cold and flu’ hot drink powder give you all these problems. Exactly as it claims on the packet. PLUS of course the sore throat, thus tempting you to ‘upgrade’ to the new and more expensive product in their line.
Very suspicious indeed!
So be careful out there gentle reader, somethings could well be EXACTLY as they appear!

Also in my humble opinion its much better to ‘stop and flop’ when stricken with a cold than trying to drug yourself up and power through.

*It is very probable that this is all rubbish ramblings by Rob and Lemsip is not run by criminal masterminds [I have to put this is because I never got round to writing a disclaimer about humour and opinion]