I went shopping yesterday, for some clothes and a new pair of trainers. I was in Smiths looking for stationary of sorts (didn’t find what I wanted) and I saw these three women that look really rather over dressed considering, well they were in a shop. I did happen to overhear some of their conversation thought:

Overfashioned #1:What do you need pencils for?
Overfashioned #2:Oh I’m doing art.
Overfashioned #1:You’re doing art?
Overfashioned #2:Yeah, art GCSE

…..GCSE!! I felt like I should do penance or something, I mean I knew they looked a bit young but geez that would make them about 14 or 15 !! I moved away from the quickly after that.
There was also an incident which illiustrates why you should make sure you heard correctly:

Me:How much are these shoes?
Shop assistant:Let me check…. they’re thirty-four ninety-nine.
Me:[Thinks]Well thats much cheaper than that other pair, I can’t go wrong
…I go to pay
Shop assistant:That’ll be fourty-nine ninety-nine please.

Damn, at least that was still a fair bit cheaper than that other pair I was looking at. They are kinda cool shoes that I would wear most of the time, instead of trainer. I did overlook one point though. I still need new trainers now, seeing as my old ones are rather knackered and I still need a pair for the gym and for dancing and the like.