Alternatively known as a quarter-life crisis.
Yup as hard to believe as it sounds I think I may be going through on of those, or at least getting close to one. Personally I would much rather have a quater-life crisis than a mid-life crisis. You seee the way I see it is a quarter-life crisis is all about trying to work out what you want from life and how to acheive it, whether you’re on the right path and what you need to do to get or stay on the right path.
Which is far better than the mid-life crisis where (as I see it) you are fretting about all the things you missed, where you should be but aren’t and all kinds of negative type thoughts.
So I’m going through a period of intense thought (careful now) trying to work out what I want and how to get it, ranging from careers choices to spiritual practice, so as you can imagine its quite a task and quite a lot of thinking !!!

So anyway, as soon as I know where I’m heading I’ll keep you informed.
Some decisions have been made but I need to act on them now, no point in making plans if there’s going to be no execution !!
…as in doing it, not as in killing someone….

unless thats what you planned…

which I haven’t