It was a few months ago now that I first heard the term ’emo’ in relation to a musical genre, at first of course I was completely comfused and had no idea what it was all about.
Shortly however it became clear that this was ’emotional’ music, so the followers of emo listened to emotionally charged music. I thought this was a fantastic idea, a genre of music that transends and encompasses all other types of music.
Why – my thinking continued – this could include dramatic opera, rousing classics, (some) pop music and also rock, jazz, hip-hop, R’n’B, maybe even some dance… especially the darker beats with moody breakdowns…

unfortunately I soon discovered that it wasn’t this interesting and gound breaking at all.
Emo music in fact means aggressive guitar thashing and incoherent screaming… aka crap (in my book).

So with this massive disapointment I will make my own music genre ’emot’ which will be all that I thought ’emo’ was going to be, and more.

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