The more observant of you will notice the ‘Time’ addition to the menu on the left *points <=*, there is a count down until my drink drive ban is over, a ‘static’ net time clock (by static I mean it only updates when you refresh the page) and a count up since I first started blogging… somehow it seems longer than that but still.

The countdown and countup are run by my first php script :D, of course there are many of these kind of php scripts about but none of the ones I found did proper months.
By this I mean calender months, rather than all-months-are-28-days-long type months.
I’m not gonna pretend that I did it all from scratch though, clever stuff was stolen from this counter script by Jeff Holman.
Also I’m not gonna pretend that its the most efficent script at the moment, just looking at the code I feel that there is much room for more cleverness, and maybe if I get enthused then I’ll have a bash at really sorting it out…
If I do then I’ll probably ‘release’ it on this site (the excitement is almost palatable…not).

If you think this is cool and want it, why not encourage me with words in the comments section πŸ˜›