I really haven’t got the hang of this re-stringing thing. Got the work-shop-guy to reduce the size of the saddle (technical term that I learned today) for my guitar so that the strings are closer to the frets, thus making it easier to play.
Of course to do this you need to take off all the strings first, which I did… then a quick bit of machining later and *presto!*, now to just restring, no problem… then a quick tune….

five minutes later


damnit that high ‘E’ string really doesn’t like me, I have great difficulty hearing if it needs to be tuned up or down (for some reason) and is also the weakest string on the guitar.
Fortunately I was thinking with my brain last time this happened and therefore have a spare one waiting…
I think though that I’ll wait until I get home, re-stringing at work in the lunch hour really doesn’t appeal right now.