Well the lack of internet at home was nicely explained by the appearence on my door-step of my next door neighbour (no he hadn’t come to have ‘words’).
It turns out that he needed to use the phone, as the phone box at the end of the road was broken (damn vandals), so obviously no phone connection in his house. With some more explination creeping out it transpired that he is now the soul inhabitant of the house next door as the other housemates (next door is a shared house also) have now moved out, presumable taking their unsecured wireless router with them to Wimbledon. Multimap tells me that this is 23 miles away… I don’t care how good your WiFi antenna is, you’re not gonna get that signal!

So it looks like I’ll have to get my own connection (Pete :P), which is fair enough. I’m happy to pay for it now that I’ve cleared the debt from moving and can actually afford it.
In that respect you could say that their move was well timed, any earlier and I would have been left slightly gutted.

Anyway all those that know me can expect my e-mailage and IM’ing to be low or non-existant until my connection gets activated.