Well I did go to see Spiderman 2 yesterday, and I did join the gym too (yay for me).

I must say that I really enjoyed the film, not to sure about the comments that its better than the first, but its certainly of the same level. There was however two points in the film that I found slightly irritating, what were they, well firstly I’ll explain why I found them irritating:
Being fairly clever but not all that strong I am a big fan of situations that are solved with brain power as opposed to brute force. Seeing as there was a point made in the film about how clever Peter Parker is, I was disapointed that this approach wasn’t used in two secions of the film.
The first one was with the runaway train, surely any quick thinking invividual would realise that the first thing to do in the situation is to disconnect the power from the electrified rail so the motors on the train are no longer powering it forwards?
THEN you can start throwing webs everywhere to stop it.
Below this is a spoiler so if you haven’t seen the film, don’t go on.


The second point was at the end with the runnaway fusion reaction, surely a more scientific sounding solution would have also worked? Such as ‘adjusting the phase of the re-enforcing harmonics to create destructive harmonics’, thus stopping the reaction?
I’m no master of physics but it sounds more plausable than ‘throw it in the river’.
However I have had time to think and I’m not so bothered by this second point. For starters it would have left Doc Ock alive and well, and where would the story do from there?

Spiderman 3 aka Spiderman and Doc Ock? the multi-limbed sidekick, watch as these heros advance science by day and fight crime at night?
Or Spiderman and Doc Ock vs. The Green Goblin (2) … the dramatic blockbuster culminating in Green Goblin realising the error of his ways and saying ‘sorry’.

Nah it just wouldn’t work. Also it would have been a huge anti-climax….

‘The fusion reaction is out of control, we’re all gonna die’
‘But wait, if I just flick this switch here….’

*powering down noise*

‘Well thats done that’

See? Not the kind of blockbusting ending that audiences are looking for.