Well my week of holiday, fun and joy is now over. The house is cleaned from the past few days of hedonism (well drinking) clothes are packed and ice cream finished, this time tomorrow I’ll be back at work .
I certainly was good to see friends and family again, and this week has certainly seemed like a well deserved rest.
In the course of a week I have learned how to store and retrieve data in a MySQL database, how to re-string a guitar, had what seems like an enourmous amount of food and drink, played frizbee twice. I’ve done some work and some tunes with Pete and now feel that my enthusiam for fruity loops and learning music theory has been rekindled. I have also firmly decided to join the gym when I get back and get back to the more healthy lifestyle I lived at university (minus some of the alcohol 😉 ).
I also badly need to practice my T’ai Chi, as I’m quite sure I’ve forgotten some of the later moves…. hopefully my brain will remember with a bit of excercise.

Which also reminds me… Mental note: sign up for next terms classes !!