Well its the morning after a great night out in Plymouth, which was rounded off with an early morning ‘full english’ at Goodbodies (what a place). I have finally started to attack the pile of junk left over from university (lecture notes and whatnot).
I came across some amusing things (for me anyway) like the manual for the CDJ’s that have now been sold on twice since I owned them, or the lecture notes that were actually just a printed out e-mail… but there was something I found from an earlier time, a simpler time. It was when I had decided to learn how write in calligraphy, which I remember. I had written the beginnings of what I think could have been a great story, which I don’t remember… anyway here it is:

Once upon a time there was a big rocket.
Almost as big as a house. It has 50 rockets and 40 boosters. Pooh was the pilot of the rocket.

A masterpiece in the making I’m sure you’ll agree!
I have to admit this made me smile, and the thought of people in the far future perhaps trying to decifer this ancient script decribing a great machine also made me smile, but maybe that just reflects my less then standard sense of humour.