In a chat with Pete not that long ago we were joking about being carried away by men in white coats for things written about in a blog. I thought that it was certainly pretty easy to censor yourself enough to prevent this from happening. However this did get me to thinking.
I some article somewhere I read that some of the more tech savy companies will read the blogs of job applicants as this is the easiest way of getting a handle on what they are really like. Thinking about this I wondered if knowing this fact would cause me to censor myself more that usual.

After a bit of contemplation on the subject I came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t change my blogging at all, I’ve already decided that I won’t use sware-words on this blog (mainly because I like the challenge of using more interesting language) and I don’t get upto anything that I feel would influence any job making decisions (plus what are the chances of that actually happening to me?)

On a completely separate note I had a really enjoyable day at work yesterday, I was working with my boss on some initial simulations for our next major project and found the challenge and the free exchange of ideas to be stimualting and rewarding…. 😉