This post will be two smaller posts joined together, value for money that ;).
Firstly, I think I’m gonna take a leaf from Matilda’s blog in that I’ll be refering to friends by nicknames (those that want it anyway). So if you have a good nickname for yourself then email me (if you don’t have my address you don’t know me well enough for a nickname). Ravishing red head is already taken, and I’m guessing that Pete will stick with Pete, and Denyerec will stick with either Denyer or Denyerec.

Now onto less important things.
This morning I woke from a really surreal and strange dream, if you’ve ever woken up from a dream and thought that was damn weird, and then immediately forgotten most of it then you’ll know what I mean.
I was getting on quite well with a monkey, could have been a talking money, not sure. I definately saw myself in the third person on more than one occasion, there may well have been a luxury flat involved too.
Reading this I can imagine you thinking that I’m brainsick or mentally unhinged, well you’d be wrong. Its when you dream about walking down to the local shop, buying your favorite snack and then walking back… thats when you have to worry about your mental health because there’s clearly something wrong.