Yesterday evening, after eating my tea and generally relaxing I had several thoughts that I considered blogging about. However I decided to restrain myself see as I’d already blogged twice that day (two times is enough surely).

Since then I have had time to reflect on this attitude and have now decided to take a completely different tack.
I will now blog anything and everything that I think is worthy of the small amount of effort it takes. This will of course mean that there will be a lot of useless and boring information on here, but in time I think this will work out for the best.
‘Why?’ you ask?
Well simply because the more I write the quicker my writing style will improve and I will get a better idea of what is interesting to blog about… hopefully this will happen through the comments, so the more you comment the quicker I’ll learn ;).
(Is that hint subtle enough?).

Well I’m off to play farcry for a bit now.