Well I’m back home in lovely Plymouth right now, and have just finished watching Bend it like Beckham… I was hoping to have an interesting and insightful review of it for my blog, but it was not to be…
Its just a nice film.

Which leads me rather disjointedly to my next pondering, what is blog worthy and what is not?
With this blog being more of a random act of enthusiasm rather than a well thought out plan, I’m left with the dilemma of what its actually for. It could be a good place to share me comic genius with the world (read: love of bad puns) or an online word fountain just containing all my thoughts and feelings.
I certainly don’t want it to end up like the journal that I tried to keep towards the end of the 90’s! That was just full of negativity simply because when things were going well I was too busy enjoying it to sit down and write about it!
I don’t think I’ve really come to a decision here, but fear not gental reader as I will endevour to only blog things that could be of interest or amusement to anyone that actually manages to find my ‘lil corner of the net.

so until then, be well and stay smilling.