Many years have passed since I wrote here…
At least that’s what it feels like (I’ve just checked and it is around 2 years). Since my last post my blog has quietly slipped between the cracks, drifted into obscurity, dropped down the ranks. This is not a problem for me, I was never really writing on here for fame or infamy. Arguably I should have deleted this site long ago – it is truly neglected.
However nostalgia is a powerful thing, and recently I’ve come to realise that the act of writing – writing for the simple joy of writing – is something that I miss.
I have, over the past few years become much more of a consumer than a creator – and I’ve come to the realisation that this is not a good thing. So, as random thoughts enter my head (as per the blog name) I’ll try and expand on them and record them for the disinterested masses.
Just like the good old days 🙂