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It seems that as life goes on it becomes easier and easier to convince oneself that there was a point in the past where one was fitter, stronger, and more flexible than one is now. I’m going through this right now. I know for a fact that I’m not as flexible as I was when I left, which is something that I want to fix. Also when I came back I’d been spending about six months essentially bumming around not doing much excercise. So I’ve been going running in the mornings. Not all mornings I hasten to add but definately in the morning.
I’ve been doing the same route and timing it. Rather satisfyingly my time as been going down quite a lot: First run 16:00, second run: 14:45, this mornings run: 13:35. Interestingly my improvement this morning I put down almost entirely to social pressure. I was running past the local school and I felt a bit like stopping. Well for one thing stopping red faced and wheezing like and over-excited asthmatic outside a primary school these days is probably grounds for arrest under the terrorism act.
Secondly, for whatever reason, there were a lot of people about – Mums and such. The social embarressment of slowing from ‘runner-guy’ to ‘unfit-walking-guy’ was too high – I just had to keep going.

Also in my bid to become less terribly unfit I’m half way through the second week of one hunderd push-ups. I’m also recording this in my ‘special exercise book’ and although I’ve yet to meet all the targets set on the website there is a gratifying increase in strenth day by day.
This all brings me back to the question, ‘how fit was I?’. Perhaps as long as the impression that I need to do more to ‘get back to where I was’ is keeping me motivated then it doesn’t really matter.

I’ve been back for well over a week now, and it’s still good to be back!! Lots of people seem surprised to hear that I’m glad to be back in the UK it really makes me wonder why so many people live here.
I’m definately over the jet lag now. I thought I’d managed to miss it all together, in some kind of miraculous time shifting event. I got in on Monday (last week) and I felt fine, tuesday – fine, wednesday – no problems. But then thursday and friday, knackerd, as in bed at 9, 11 hours of sleep seems about right knackered.
I’ve met up with everyone in the South West (by everyone I mean all my friends) so I’m slowly coming up with a plan to visit everyone else in the country – also just talking about friends again. As for working… haven’t done any of that yet, living with my parents gives me a ‘no spend living option’ so even though I’m a bit on the skint side there isn’t really any massive rush to get things sorted out. Or at least I don’t have to take a job that I don’t want. I’ve set myself the task of calling an accountant today to try and start my own company… so we’ll see how that goes. Still not too sure about what to call my company which has been the first stumbling block all along to be honest!

So, after nine months of travelling, what have I learned?
Well this is a very difficult question to answer, much to the annoyance of my friends. I’ll have a go – even though I think that the true essance of it can’t really be put into words.
I’d say that about five to six months into my travels I had risen to a higher level of spiritual awareness. I was a better person – I liked being that person. However as with so many things in life I didn’t really realise what I had until it had passed. I’ve dropped back down the hill – so to speak. It’s left me in a situation where I have a feeling of drive to get back to that state, but it’s a rudderless drive – I’m not entirely sure where I should be putting my energy.
Or perhaps to be more accurate I have a pretty good idea of where to direct my energy but it would take a lot of old habits to be broken and new ones to be solidified and the task seems quite daunting.
I’m taking it a small step at a time so hopefully I’ll get there. A random goal that I set myself was to be back to and hopefully passed this state of ‘better me’ by the year 2012. Wish me luck!