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At least that seems to be the flavour of comments I got from a lot of people. Personally I had a great bank-holiday weekend with the bad weather only getting in the way once. So, I’ll tell you about my fantastic time:

Stage one, I left work at 2:30 to go to Canterbury. Visiting Laura. This was very drunken but very good (to put it briefly).
Stage two, Left Canterbury (on Saturday) to go to Brighton to see the Breakin’ Convention. This was awesome, and I don’t use that word lightly. I found myself literally transfixed by dance. Which is even more special for me as it’s something that I rarely get to see. The only frustrating thing about the experience is that I can’t find a way of getting across to other people that weren’t there how mind-numbingly good it was. Got back home pretty damn late (well midnight-ish) and slept.
Woke up at 11 (unusual) and the weather was rubbish. However this did not get in the way of my plans to spend the whole day inside being lazy – which I accomplished with flying colours (or perhaps lying colours :). I did get a lot of reading done though, which is always good.

The only downside of Monday was having to go food shopping. Although I could have driven I still decided to walk there in the rain.
Chilled out for a bit, then decided it was a bit too chilled and put the heating on. Housemates got back from some rather disappointing outdoor gigs, and we all went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The End.

Yes I’m learning tho touch tytpe. As you may be able to tell, I’ve jnt quite mastered it yet./ I was inspired whatn I saw an executie typw on the train doing some work. Very very slow one fingered typing from him. It occured to me that if he learned to type, tehn perhaps he woulsn’t have to work on the train. So I’ve started to learn myslef.

Evne thoiugh it took me much longer than usu;al to type of this semi-jibberish, I shall persevere,