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So we enter Day six, in the ‘keeping track of me spending money’ game:

Bongos – £44.94 (non-essential)
Wheel bearing replacement on car – £94 (essential)

Total: 392.28 (£308.88 essential – 79%)

Big drop in essential spending today (well technically yesterday), but those bongos were on special offer…

Day 5

Mobile phone bill – £26 (essential)

Total: £253.34 (£214.88 essential – 85%)

On the plus side I just won £10 at poker 🙂

Day four

Tesco Shop – £13.41 (essential)

Total = £227.34 (£188.88 essential 83%)

Day Three
I’ve realised that my formating for this experiment is not constant, however I feel that this is unimportant.

Tesco shop – £18.88 (essential)
Craft materials – £3.83 (non-essential)
Night out – £12.50 (non-essential)

Damn good value for a night out!
Total £213.93 (175.41 essential – 82%)

Day 2

Tesco shop – £22.19 (non-essential)

Total: £178.72 (156.53 essential – 88%)

So on some page they suggested that it’s a good idea to keep track of the money you spend in a month. So I’m going to give it a go:

Day one
Gym membership – £40 (essential)
Barclaycard payment – £91.71 (essential)
Food shopping – £10.32 (essential)
Hair cut – £14.50 (essential)

Running total – £156.53 (156.53 essential – 100%)

Worrying start!

I’m fairly sure that I’ve mentioned the multi-touch sceen technology on here before. They have a new video (which doesn’t work in Opera), which makes minority report look like a simple beginning.

One word, the best kind of resolution. Not a new years resolution because it came to me a few weeks after… fancy that.
The idea of having one word as a resolution actually came from some of the personally development websites that I read (I’m just interested). At first I scoffed, I’ll admit it. Now however the idea is growing on me, I think it’s good.
So why connect?
Well firstly I have to point out that the intention is that it’s in relation to other people, not computers or technology. I’ve got enough of that kind of connection already 🙂
Modern society is suffering from the speed of life, people flash past and they don’t even register as actual real people. How many times have you almost looked through random strangers that walk by? I know I do it all the time, and that’s one of the things I want to change.
So I’ll be trying to keep the word ‘connect’ at the front of my mind as often as possible, smile and connect. Thats the plan (loosly) I’ll let you know how it goes!