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Drinking your own urine!
Personally I really don’t see how this is good for you. Or indeed why anyone accepts it when they’re told this ‘fact’. Surely by the logic of ‘drink your own piss it’s good for you’ One could assume that eating your own shit is also a great way to improve your health. I’m almost 100% sure that you can get very nasty things happen to you if you eat your own shit. So I’m not going to fall for it!

It does however make me wonder how or even why people discovered that drinking your own piss is ‘good for you’. In some ways I like to think that perhaps in olden days a grumpy servant pissed in the kings wine every day. One day he got found out and put to death. Unfortunately soon after the kings health deteriorated and he died. People realised that drinking piss was a good thing.
There is of course a flaw in this flight of fancy. Is it still good for you if you drink other people’s piss? Perhaps there’s something different about your own. If you could drink others, then why don’t health food shops have high quality athletes piss on sale. You could even have different flavours: “Dislike the tangy aftertaste of quality piss? Try new cranberry flavoured piss, for the discerning debutant”.

In shot, I find it hard to believe, the possibility that piss is good for you is probably very reliant on the concentration of urea and other wastes. Even then I think it’s a bit of a wild statement.

I got home, thought ‘I’m hungry’ and ate. Completely skipping the whole ‘going to the gym’ thing. Then, to be even more of a rebel I went and played pool with one of my housemates. It was a jolly afair, a few drinks, back by 9:30…. Or at least that was the plan.
Five pints later and having just finished three games of snooker (after pool) we went home, cooked loads of food and I got to be at one in the morning.
So far I’ve survived today quite well, but I’ll be honest, it’s tomorrow that I fear….

This article about burn out is very interesting. It’s quite long so you’ll have to set aside a decent amount of time to read it, but it’s well worth it!
As seems to be the way with my random web readings it’s come at an opportune time to help me with things that are getting to me. Recently it’s been the feeling that I’m not getting anywhere with my guitar practice. This in turn leads to lack of enthusiasm and motivation to practice, which of course leads to even less progress. A dangerous spiral I’m sure you’ll agree. The problem? Well it’s related to burn-out, surprisingly. At one point in the article that I’m imploring you to read, burn-out is described as an imbalance between expectations and reward. In other words I’m expecting myself to be better at playing the guitar (among other things) given the amount of practice that I’ve done. Simply, I’m wrong.

Another problem is also touched on later in the article (I’ll admit I’ve yet to finish it – but I’m so eager to share it with you, you lovely lovely reader). is the desire to schedule relaxation – i.e. not-at-work-time. So I’ve remembered a time when life was simpler and I didn’t think too much about what I’m going to do when I get home. So this evening I’m going to the gym, and eating. Anything else will be on a whim.
I’m going to love it!

I went to the gym this morning. Nothing particularly unusual about that, except that I arrived on the dot of opening. Literally. It is the first time in my life that I’ve had to find the light switch in any gym. And starting to work out while the staff were still switching on machines – in silence – was definately a bit strange.

Put that in your resolutions pipe and smoke it 😛