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This is a post about my career, prepare to be astonishingly interested. I started off in a small company (not including work placements) of about 30 people. Then I moved to another small company of about 50 people. This in many ways is good, working in a small company means that you generally have to get involved in more aspects of the business and work life is more interesting. There was however a nagging feeling that perhaps I should try and get into a bigger company at some point in the future.
Then we got taken over, by Radstone. Radstone would probably be described as a medium sized business, a few hundred people as far as I can tell. Still however things haven’t really changed here.
Then, on Tuesday it became official. Radstone has been taken over by GE Fanuc, part of the GE monster company, over 300,000 employees and an annual turnover of roughly 160 billion dollars.
To be honest I don’t know what kind of change this will actually make to me here, but I’m certainly interested to find out!

And of course the beauty of it is that I’m now working for one of the largest companies in the world without actually having to put in any effort. Score!

It’s been a long time since I last posted!!

No wonder my traffic is going down (although paradoxically my spam comments are going up!)
The good news is that I’m ok, verging on happy I’d say. Really getting back into being healthy (although the weekend just gone was quite a setback) and getting exercise. Which is good, I never really got my rhythm back after the enforced stillness of glandular fever at the beginning of the year. Which is quite ridiculous when you think about it.
Still I’m going to the gym about twice a week and I’m going to breakdance, capoeira and yoga again.

Life is good, it’ll be even better once I’ve recovered from the weekend (not sure if it was the junk food or the beer, probably both)