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If you don’t already know, there is a video on youTube of the new team fortress game (that seems to have been in the works for ages).

Looks amazing, I wonder if it’ll pull me away from World of warcraft….

which means I’ve been up for about two.

And I’ve only just noticed that I’ve got my t-shirt on backwards. I hope it’s not a bad sign.

Someone arrived at my site by searching for ‘buy ketamine’ hilariously this is the snippet from my site that yahoo presented:

… Barbiturates. Street Methadone. Alcohol. Ketamine. Benzodiazepines. Amphetamine. Tobacco. Buprenorphine … In the weekend just gone I left the house only once, to buy junk food …

What the hell kind of life do I have? Nothing as hedonistic as that makes it sound!

Then an article about The rapidly increasing loss of ice in greenland sure should make you think twice.

In a nutshell, for those who can’t be bothered, measurements show that the glaciers on greenland and the north pole are melting much quicker than first expected. Adding 0.56mm to the global sea level every year. While that doesn’t sound like much it will have an effect on the Norwegian Current and could effect weather in western europe, that’s us people.

It also suggests that the ice cap will be gone within a century.

Lets find out as I recount the dream I had last night.
Firstly it started with me going on a trip in a car with Greig and Kat. Nothing unusual there, in fact I’m going to see them (and Andy and possibly Mike) today, and for the rest of the weekend.
We arrive at some kind of outdoor national trust-esq car park, you know with grass and gravel with wooden divider fences rather than tarmac and metal safety barriers. Once there we make our way to the airport, things get a bit hazy but basically I end up looking after the baby while Greig goes and looks for Kat, seems she went off somewhere – this detail is also hazy.
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Are they? Here is a list of 20 drugs, ordered by an average harm rating – consisting of Physical harm, Dependence and Social Harm.

  1. Heroin
  2. Cocaine
  3. Barbiturates
  4. Street Methadone
  5. Alcohol
  6. Ketamine
  7. Benzodiazepines
  8. Amphetamine
  9. Tobacco
  10. Buprenorphine
  11. Cannabis
  12. Solvents
  13. 4-MTA
  14. LSD
  15. Methylphenidate
  16. Anabolic Steroids
  17. GHB
  18. Ecstasy
  19. Alkyl Nitrites
  20. Khat

If you look at this list and compare it to the illegal drugs list for the UK, you do have to wonder what is going on.
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In the weekend just gone I left the house only once, to buy junk food. It was an extremely self centered weekend, the days passed pretty much like this:
Wake up, get out of bed turn on computer and log into World of Warcraft. At some point I’d get hungry (usually about 3) stop playing and get some food, then spend the rest of the day infront of the TV using my laptop to learn Directx 3D. Sleep.
Repeat as needed.

For those that are interested a truly excellent directx3D 9 tutorial can be found here
After all that slackness and bad food I’m feeling a healthy week coming on (gym, good food, WoW, etc.)

This amused me greatly:

How do you spot an extroverted software engineer?

When he’s talking to you, he stares at *your* shoes…

Having been off work for a few days last week, with what can only be described as ‘weird’. “The room’s spinning but I’m not drunk…!” I decided to do what any sane person would do in these circumstances: I watched a lot of DVD’s (and with film four now free, a lot of TV films too). Included in this was the entire series of firefly. Surprisingly this is only the second time I’ve watched it, so it was most enjoyable. The first time was a one day marathon with only crisps and possibly fried/barbequed food, the perfect follow on to a night of drinking.
Everytime I watch the series (all twice) I can’t help wondering why on earth it ever got cancelled.
I really hope they make another series, esspecially given the success of the film that followed.

Crazy network executives…..
*post tails off into mumbled ravings*

Step right up ladies and Gentlemen, we have the perfect attraction for you! This is my score, what will your’s be?

You Are Somewhat Machiavellian

You’re not going to mow over everyone to get ahead…
But you’re also powerful enough to make things happen for yourself.
You understand how the world works, even when it’s an ugly place.
You just don’t get ugly yourself – unless you have to!
How Machiavellian Are You?

Big brother fans will understand, everyone else will also understand as I hang my head in shame.
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